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World Environment Day: UN Chief calls for behavioural change, strong policies to save ecosystem

June 5, 2023

By Reporter

New York- As the world commemorate the 2023 World Environment Day, United Nations Deputy Secretary-general, Amina J. Mohammed have called for behavioural change and strong policies to save the ecosystem.

Mohammed made the call in a video message made available on her twitter handle on Monday as she raised concerns over the emergent of plastic pollution and the adverse effect on the planet.

The Humanitarian Post reports that the 2023 World Environment Day is under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution, ‘Ecosystem Restoration’.

Mohammed in the video said that “Nature is in emergency mode, so what do you do during and emergency? You stand up, you assess the situation, you move and you act.

“And that is how we must confront the issues affecting our precious planet, including plastic pollution.

“Here is the situation; over 400 million tons of plastic is produced every year worldwide. Plastic pollution reduces the ability of nature’s ecosystem to adapt to climate change.

“And this affects millions of people’s lives and livelihood. Producers and consumers musty shift away from plastics before it consumes our planet’s health and affects our own health.

“We need solutions that lead to sustainable behaviour change with strong policies and leadership at all levels. Now let us move, and act to save our environment,” Mohammed said.

The Humanitarian Post

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