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About Us

The incessant insurgency,  banditry, conflicts and disasters in the Lake Chad Basin region and the West African sub-region has created huge humanitarian challenges/needs for those in affected communities. This situation has necessitated the emergence of Humanitarian Post, an online platform which seeks to bring to the fore the plight of those affected by these conflicts, the disasters arising from them, the responses or interventions by humanitarians, governments, the United Nations and other partners as well as the challenges confronting them.

Objective - To report the plight of displaced persons, refugees, migrants and stateless persons. To harvest and report suggestions/recommendations on how their challenges can be addressed. Ensuring the protection of Persons of Concern and aid workers 

Child Learning Numbers at School

To ensure effective response of humanitarian agencies and well-meaning individuals to alleviate the plight of Persons of Concerns and to avoid duplication of efforts.


To ensure that everyone, irrespective of status, have the right to dignified and basic living,  fundamental human rights, and a safe space for humanitarian and aid workers.

Image by Craig Philbrick
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