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UNHCR hands over 48 shelter houses to Nigerian Government

By Charles Joseph

Abuja, July 17, 2020 (NAN) The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has handed over 48 units of Refugees Housing to support the Government of Nigeria in its fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In a ceremony presided by the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr Edward Kallon, the UN said that the shelter units will be used as isolation centres.

“These shelter units will be used as isolation centers. UNHCR continues to ensure border monitoring with the support of six border Area Nurses and eight protection Monitors.

He said that the nurses and monitors are tasked among others to conduct borders monitoring at entry points of North-East Nigeria with Cameroon, Chad, and Niger.

They are also to carryout temperature screening and health-related data collection, referral of suspected cases and information sharing with the COVlD-19 Surveillance Task Force.

The sheltres are to be managed by FHI 360 at every international border.

Humanitarian Post reports that the UNHCR has so far procured a total of 300 refugee housing including the 48 to be used as isolation centers.

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