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Nigerians in diaspora urge FG to tackle insecurity, protect women

By Our reporter

Oct. 5, 2020 – Some Nigerians in diaspora have called on the Nigerian government to urgently address the spate of insecurity in the country.

The call followed the numbers of Nigerians seeking asylum abroad, particularly Mrs Senami Oluwabukola Austin-Momoh.

An anonymous Diaspora Nigerian who spoke to the Humanitarian Post specifically called for the protection of women in the country, particularly in the area of sexual harassment and rape.

He recalled the traumatic experience of Senami in the country, saying: “There is need to address the insecurity in the country and the protection of the women.

“It reminds me of the traumatic event that happened to a lady from Edo state that was raped by the husband’s brother and had to flee to her cousins where the Fulani herdsmen went to attack them in a church that got some reverend fathers killed.

“The lady was traumatised and was living in fear and tried to get help from the police, but no help was given to her.”

He further disclosed that Senami got married on May 6, 2014, to Jonah Momoh, from Edo State.

He also said had it not been for her traumatic experience in Nigeria, she probably would have been contributing her quota to the betterment of the country.

“These ugly situations drive a lot of people out of the country and they affect different sectors of the economy.

“The government should be proactive and ensure the safety of both citizens and non citizens alike,” he further said.

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