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11 injured as UN plane crash lands in Mali

UN Plane crash lands in Mali's Gao Airport

By Reporter

Aug.4, 2020 – A United Nations plane has been reported to have skidded off the runway while trying to land at the Gao Airport in Mali leaving 11 people injured.

The United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA) confirmed the incident which occurred on Monday in a statement

According to the MINUSMA, the 11 people on board comprised seven crew members and four passengers who are UN staffers will be evacuated to the country’s capital, Bamako later on Tuesday.

The plane which was en route from Bamako to the Malian city of Gao, made a hard landing on Monday, resulting in injuries for all the people on board which included four UN staff and seven crew members.

Among the 11 injured, one of the passengers is reported to have sustained serious injuries.

It was reported that the UN aircraft had attempted to make an emergency landing before it went off the runway.

The UN said the cause of the crash remains unclear and investigations were still ongoing..

“A MINUSMA plane from Bamako with eleven people (four passengers, all United Nations personnel and seven crew members) on board, made a hard landing at Gao airport,” the statement read.

“An investigation will be ordered as soon as possible to determine the cause of this incident.”

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