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Mass graves found in Sudan believed to be officers executed by Bashir

Mass graves found in Sudan believed to be officers executed by Bashir

By Charles Joseph

July 22, 2020 - Sudan prosecutors on Thursday uncovered mass graves believed to be the hidden burial site of 28 army officers allegedly executed by President Omar al-Bashir in 1990 for an attempted coup.

According to the prosecutors, the execution and burial of the officers was shrouded in secrecy after a quick military trial one year after al-Bashir took over through a military coup in 1989.

“The public prosecution managed to find a mass grave that data indicates that it is most likely the graveyard where the bodies of the officers who were killed and buried in a brutal manner.

“A team of 23 experts reached this result after an effort that lasted for three weeks, and more forensic and investigative measures will be taken in the site,” the public prosecutor said in a statement.

The prosecutors assured families of the executed officers of a just trial for the crimes.

Bashir appeared in court on Tuesday at the opening of his trial for leading the military coup that brought him to power in 1989. He could be sentenced to death if convicted.

Bashir was ousted by the army in April 2019, after months of mass protests.

Local media reports said earlier this month that prosecutors questioned Bashir over the 1990 executions. The prosecution has not publicly commented on the matter.

In June, Sudan’s public prosecutor announced the discovery of a mass grave east of Khartoum suspected to contain the remains of students killed in 1998 as they tried escaping military service at a training camp.

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