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Landing rights: Nigeria to review Air agreement with UK, others

............. Cautions angry Nigerian Evacuees to be grateful to Air Peace

Abuja, July 12, 2020 - The Federal Government of Nigeria has said that it would review its Air agreement with many countries over the treatment of Nigerian Air Carriers in the last couple of Months.

Apparently angered by the recent withdrawal of landing rights by the UK government to a Nigerian Carrier, Air Peace on the eve of a scheduled and approved evacuation of Nigerians, the Nigerian government stressed the some countries had treat its carriers unfairly.

Nigerian Foreign Minister, Geoffrey Onyeama in a series on tweets on his handle said: "The Nigerian Government will review its Air agreements with various countries as a result of the unacceptable treatment of Nigerian carriers during this pandemic.

In the tweet in which the handle of the British High Commission in Nigeria was tagged', '@UKinNigeria', the Minister frowned at the action of the UK government.

Giving insights to the action of the UK government, the Minister said; Having been allowed to carry out one"very successful evacuation of Nigerians from London at very low fares, Air Peace in coordination with the Nigerian Government and full knowledge of the UK authorities scheduled two additional flights.

All the arrangements were made including payments, only for the UK authorities to

withdraw landing rights close to departure despite strong representations by the Nigerian

Government including pointing out the hardship that would be caused to hundreds of

Nigerian evacuees,"he said.

Onyeama however admonished Nigerian evacuees who were angry over the rescheduling of their flights to rather be grateful for the initiative and support by Aor Peace to transfer the flight to another carrier.

He said that Air Peace not only took the initiative to transfer the flight, but also took upon itself to pay the extra charges occassioned by the higher fares by the new carrier.

"Air Peace could have just refunded the passengers but exceptionally, patriotically

and altruistically agreed to find an alternative carrier acceptable to the UK authorities to carryout the evacuation a day later than scheduled

but for much higher fares.

"These higher fares could legitimately have been passed on to the evacuees but Air Peace

bore this huge cost itself.

"This is to let the aggrieved evacuees know that the objects of their grievance should neither be Air Peace nor the Nigerian Government.

"They should rather be eternally grateful to Air Peace," he said.

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