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India’s Bihar suspension bridge under construction collapses a second time

June 5, 2023

By Reporter

India- The four-lane Sultanganj-Aguani Ghat bridge being built across the Ganga in Bihar's Bhagalpur region of India collapsed on Sunday, about 14 months after parts of it had fallen due to an alleged loose cable.

In a viral video, slabs of several pillars were seen collapsing into the river, which sparked fury among the public over poor construction and safety standards.

Although no casualties have been reported so far, the district administration said, some reports however suggest that several workers have gone missing.

Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish Kumar has ordered a probe into the incident, just like he did last time when pillar nos. 4, 5 and 6 had collapsed in 2022.

Nitish had laid the foundation stone of the bridge on February 23, 2014 which was projected to be completed by March 2020 at the cost of Rs 1,710 crore.

Nitish again said that he has given strict instructions for a probe to the recurrent collapse of the bridge, actions to be taken to avoid any future recurrence.

"The bridge that collapsed on Sunday had collapsed last year also. I have instructed officials to take strict action.

“It is not being constructed correctly that's why it is collapsing again and again. The department will look into it and action will be taken," he said.

A Haryana-based company had got the contract of the bridge against which the BJP is now seeking action.

poor construction material and corruption have been listed among several others as the reasons for the repeated collapse of the bridge.

When the bridge collapsed last year, Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari had blamed low-quality construction material while refuting the explanation that wind or fog had caused the structure to fail.

"It is a living example of corruption, and that such a big bridge worth Rs 1717 crore collapsed like cards in the Ganga.

“This type of incident has definite involvement of leaders, contractors and connivance of all.

“If the government had strictly investigated, then this would not have happened," said Singh.

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