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COVID-19: WHO says 19 potential vaccines currently in clinical trials globally

COVID-19: WHO says 19 potential vaccines currently in clinical trials globally

July 10, 2020

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said there are 19 potential COVID-19 vaccines currently in clinical trials globally, with nearly 150 COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

WHO Regional Office for Africa in Brazzaville, Congo, disclosed this via its official Twitter account @WHOAFRO.

“South Africa is the first country on the continent to start a clinical trial with the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg testing a vaccine developed by the Oxford Jenner Institute in the United Kingdom.

“The South African Ox1Cov-19 Vaccine VIDA-Trial is expected to involve 2000 volunteers aged 18 to 65 years and include some people living with HIV.

“The vaccine is already undergoing trials in the United Kingdom and Brazil with thousands of participants.

“According to the African Academy of Sciences, only two per cent of clinical trials conducted worldwide occur in Africa,” it said.

According to the Organisation, it is important to test the COVID-19 vaccine in countries where it was needed to ensure that it would be effective.

“With more than 215, 000 cases, South Africa accounts for 43 per cent of the continent’s total cases.

“Clinical trials must be performed according to international and national scientific and ethical standards, which include informed consent for any participant.

“I encourage more countries in the region to join these trials so that the contexts and immune response of populations in Africa are factored into studies.

“Africa has the scientific expertise to contribute widely to the search for an effective COVID-19 vaccine,’’ it said.

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