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Boko Haram executes 5 aid workers in Borno

By Reporter

July 23, 2020- Suspected Members of the Boko Haram terrorist group on Wednesday executed five humanitarian aid workers abducted a month ago in Borno state.

The Humanitarian Post reports that the aid workers were executed in a 35 minute viral video released on social media.

In the video a voice speaking in Hausa said, “this is a message to the infidels who are using you to cheat and turn our people into unbelievers.

“You should know that your employers are just using you to achieve their aims, but they don’t care about you. That’s why whenever we abduct you, they don’t care about you.

“Our advice for you is that you should repent and turn to God, or else we shall continue to waylay and abduct you all in all the routes that you traverse.

“And if you don’t heed to our warning, what is about to happen to these five aid workers would also be fate that will befall you too.”

It was learnt that the insurgents had earlier demanded 500,000 dollars for the release of the aid workers.

It would be recalled that the five humanitarian workers were kidnapped along Maiduguri/ Monguno road last month.

They had made passionate appeal to the Federal Government as well as their organisation to intervene and secure their freedom in a video released last month.

The captives’ plea was contained in a two-minute video released by the Islamic sect, showing the humanitarian workers pleading for the government to come to their aid.

The executed persons included staff of State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Action Against Hunger, Rich International, International Rescue Committee, and a private security guard urging the government to come to their rescue

Nigeria’s Northeast has become a dangerous terrain for aid workers who have now become target of kidnap and execution by the terrorist groups.

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