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Aid Workers execution: EU calls for adherence to Intl. humanitarian laws

….EU, U.S condemns execution by Boko Haram

By Reporter

July 23,2020 – The European Union has appealed for the adherence to international humanitarian law and safeguarding of human rights, condemning the gruesome execution of humanitarian workers by the Boko Haram terrorists on Wednesday.

The humanitarian law is hinged on a fundamental principle which calls for the protection of non parties to armed conflicts and safeguarding of human rights.

The EU Commission (EU) in Nigeria in a statement on Thursday said “Conflict is not an excuse to breach these rules and target humanitarian workers and civilians.

“It is an extremely difficult time for the humanitarian community in Nigeria”.

The EU expressed shock over the killings and extended it condolences to the families and colleagues of the victims.

The Commission further lamented that the informal vehicle checkpoints and ambushes along the main roads in Borno State have resulted in hundreds of civilians being abducted, wounded or killed since the beginning of the year.

The United States Government in a statement also condemned the Boko Haram execution of the aid workers and commiserated with the families of the victims.

The U.S government says the unfortunate incidents comes against the backdrop of the deteriorating conditions for millions of Nigeria.

“We are deeply saddened by the execution of five humanitarian workers in Nigeria’s Northeast.

“This comes against the backdrop of the deteriorating conditions for millions of Nigeria.

“These great individuals dedicated their lives to easing human sufferings.

"We hope that their families and colleagues can take comfort in their selfless sacrifice on behalf of others.

“We will remember their dedication to other.”

The Humanitarian Post reports that on July 22, the Boko Haram terrorist group released a 35-minute video as they executed five humanitarian workers they abducted about a month ago along Maiduguri/ Monguno road,

They killed the aid workers after a failed negotiation, demanding 500,000 dollars for their release.

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