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2023 Presidency: Bello Ambassadors Network launch organisation

…..targets to mobilise 5 million youths by end of Feb.

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Feb. 21, 2021 – The Bello Ambassadors Network (BAN), a youth group on Saturday in Abuja officially launched its organisation as the youth network drums support for Gov. Yahaya Bello of Kogi- State to become President in 2023.

Mr Anthony Edogbo, the National Coordinator of the Network (BAN) said that the network is determined to ensure power returns to the youth in 2023.

Edogbo said that Nigeria has a youth population of over 33 million and that not much had been done with the number to ensure good leadership and development in the country.

He said that the network is determined to mobilise five million youths for the Gov, Bello by the end of February ahead of 2023 presidential elections.

He said being the youngest governor in the country, he is better placed to lead the country come 2023..

Edogbo said that 96 hours after the release of network’s website, www.ban2023.org; it attracted 320,000 members, making it the first volunteer organisation to hit that mark.

According to him, this is a feat that was made possible because of the passion, love and agitation of youths across Nigeria for the actualisation of a youthful and responsive national leadership.

“Sadly, over the years, we have failed to utilise our numerical strength, creativity and powers towards building the Nigeria of our dreams.

“A Nigeria where every tribe, gender and religion is given equal opportunities to thrive and contribute towards national development.

“A Nigeria that prioritises healthcare and education, security, economic and infrastructural development.

“The above we have seen in a state which we call the microcosm of Nigeria, a state bounded by 11 others, the confluence of opportunities, enriched with a rich cultural heritage and most dearly to us, governed by one of our own, a fellow youth who have shown exceptional leadership qualities and attributes.

“A Governor who prioritizes meritocracy in all his dealings without considering tribal and religious differences; that is the leader of our dreams.

“In him, we have seen courage, intelligence and love for every Nigerian,” Edogbo said.

In his remarks, Kogi State Governor, Mr Yahaya Bello said that the future of the country was in the hands of the youths and that the time to determine their future was now

Represented by the Deputy Governor, Chief Edward Onoja, Bello called on youths in the country to join the All Progressive Congress (APC) to return power to the youths in 2023.

Bello who is the youngest governor in the country said that it was important to join the APC as the battle to return political party to the youths begins in the political party.

``The future of the country is in your hands, I am available, but the job is yours to do but those who will make it possible are those who are 35 years and below that forms the critical mass of the Nigerian voters.

``We have 728 days to the general election date which is ‪February 18, 2023 so anything we need to do to achieve what BAN wants to achieve, we 728 and the clock is ticking.

``If we do our job well, in these 728 days, the population that will celebrate the most is the young population.

“I tell you this in simple terms that I appreciates your seeing me as that captain that is supposed and able by your own assessment to bale the cat, I really value your trust in my person.

``The last elections, the winner had just 15 million votes so Anthony Edogbo and your team across the nation, if you can get 10 million young Nigerians, 35 years of age and below, the job is almost done.

``Every political party wants to win, and they want to win using specific criteria, if the mass is behind a particular person, the political party knows that if they give their flag to that person, victory is assured.

``APC is doing its registration, ensure you go and be a member of the APC because the battle begins from the party,’’ he said.

The governor said that the youth make up the larger number of the registered voters in the country.

He urged the network to stretch the number from five million to 10 million which will represent 25 per cent of the number of young registered voters in the country.

``The 2019 elections, we had 84 million registered voters, 35 years and bellow were 43 million of the 84 million, that is 51 per cent, so if you are targeting 10 million, that is a 25 per cent of the pool that is availble for your to target.

``So it is not too much for you to stretch and I believe that as young minds, knowing your critical mass, knowing that this is about you and o those who should be retired, knowing that is it about you, it is your own challenge and I am glad that you are taking it head on,” he said.

Chief of Staff to the Governor, Mr Abdulkareem Jamiu, described Bello as the forerunner of the unfolding history that is about the to envelop the nation.

According to him, Bello has successfully built a cabinet of young Nigerians irrespective of tribe, gender and religion.

Jamiu said that Bello’s feat in security, youth and women empowerment, agriculture, education, healthcare and infrastructure deserves national recognition.

He said that the temperature of nation right now needs a Bello who described as a natural stabilizer, a peace maker and a unifier.

``When Bello came out in 2015, he locked his young horns with the old horns of established political gladiators; he did not have to do that for himself and family alone as he was already made even as at then in 2015.

``He had to do it for the Kogi youths, the Nigerian youths, he had to do it for us, the brilliant children of a nobody who has no reason to find ourselves on the corridor of power.

``He had to do it for farmers who were afraid of going to their farms for fear of being kidnap, he had it do it for the poor and vulnerable who had no health insurance.

``He had to do it for the young minds who will gain admission in to the state tertiary institution without know when they will complete.

``He had to do it to give the entire Nigerian youth a voice; today we are proud of his historic resolve in 2015, he has changed the story and Nigerian youths now know that they can be the leaders of today; no longer saying the youths are the leaders of tomorrow, Bello has removed the veil.

``As ambassadors, we urge you to always ensure peaceful coexistence and unity as it is one of the key reason Nigeria needs Bello is because he is the magic one that welded Kogi into one indivisible people.

``Unity is the bane of our nation, let us begin to prove that we can solve that problem; together as BAN, we shall ban disunity, banditry, kidnapping, recession and underdevelopment from Nigeria,’’ he said.

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